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IT Equipment and Electronics Liquidation

Data IT. LLC provides fast, fair, ethical, and reliable deals for IT products and computer parts such as memory hard drives and computer components, servers, and network products. We have the experience and resources available to provide accurate assessments and immediate payouts and we can purchase your surplus equipment or remove, destroy, and recycle equipment that has no value. We create a specific plan just for you, tailored to meet your needs.

We will provide electronic hard drive wiping to meet all DOD compliance standards and guaranteed secure data disposal with certificates of destruction for each HD destroyed. You can rest assured that all your private data is destroyed and cannot get in the wrong hands. We have a state-of-the-art data destruction machine that can wipe clean 3,000 drives per day. Utilizing the DOD 7 pass process, each serial number of each drives will be recorded, and we will give a full report of the drive and a full data destruction report. We use trusted software to wipe OS and complete the data destruction.

Free Asset Valuation

We will provide you with the MAXIMUM VALUE for your obsolete, retired equipment GUARANTEED.

Secure Data Destruction

You'll have peace of mind that your data has been destroyed. +++We are R2v3 Certified+++

Data Destruction

We also specialize and offer fully Certified Data Destruction, providing you and your organization complete ease and peace of mind.  As part of all our IT Asset purchasing and removal service package, we offer no charge data wiping on drives.

Once the drives have been wiped a full audit report of each hard drive will be provided in PDF format showing how the drive data was destroyed. The serial number of each hard drive will be attached to The Certificate of Data Destruction.

With our state of the art, powerful Data Destruction Machine we can wipe up to 3,000 drives per day using a 7 pass DOD method. We also provide hard drive shredding services at NO Charge if needed. Our goal is to pay the maximum value on the good working gear and save you money on other services, such hard drive wiping at no charge.

Data Destruction Certificates

We can provide a Certificate of Data Destruction Certificate for any data bearing equipment. Your certificate includes serial numbers along with details on when and how the data on your equipment has been destroyed.

Recycling Certificates

Recycling Certificates provide both proof and the details involving when and where the e-waste was recycled as well as a confirmation of environmental compliance.

Proof for Your Records

You'll see all the details about the data destruction and/or recycling of your equipment.

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We guarantee to pay top dollar for your retired IT equipment.

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We'll clear out your building that houses your equipment.

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We offer data wiping and destruction at no charge to you.

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