Data Sanitation

DataIT’s commitment to providing a secure chain of custody for industrial decommissioning sets them apart as a reliable R2V3 service provider. 

Our Approach

End-to-End Secure Chain of Custody

DataIT ensures a secure chain of custody throughout the entire decommissioning process. From the moment they take possession of the assets to their final disposition, they maintain strict protocols to safeguard against any unauthorized access or potential data breaches.

Itemized Certificate of Sanitation

As part of their security measures, DataIT issues an itemized Certificate of Sanitation for files and sensitive data. This certificate serves as a legally documented record that confirms the proper and complete destruction of confidential information, providing clients with peace of mind regarding data security and compliance.

Risk-Free Alternative

DataIT presents a risk-free alternative to traditional methods like stockpiling, erasing, or degaussing. Stockpiling outdated or unused equipment can lead to storage and security issues. Erasing and degaussing, though useful for some purposes, may not guarantee complete data destruction. DataIT’s’ comprehensive decommissioning process eliminates these risks and ensures all assets are properly managed and disposed of.

By emphasizing security, data privacy, and a risk-free approach, DataIT provides clients with a trusted and responsible solution for data center, corporate and industrial decommissioning.  

Secure Your Data with DataIT

Choose DataIT for a trusted and responsible solution for data center, corporate, and industrial decommissioning. Your data security matters, and we are committed to providing you with peace of mind. Contact us now to safeguard your valuable information!

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